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How It Works

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race sees people from all over the globe take part in their own personal race challenge. The challenge can to be complete a distance or to cover a distance as fast as you can. Virtual races are for everyone, for all ages and experience levels. Whilst there is an element of competition, it is friendly competition, there is no pressure at all to be fast. The main emphasis is on a shared experience and working for a common goal.

The format of a virtual race is very similar to a real life race; you register in advance, complete your race and receive a medal to mark your achievement. 

What is the Virtual Global Games?

The Virtual Global Games happens once a month with a different country being represented on the medals each month. We have different distances in the sports of running, cycling and open water swimming. 

The first 10 days of the month is the window to complete your challenge, whether it is a 1 day challenge such as a 40km bike, or a multi day challenge such as 100km in 10 days challenge. The first Sunday of the month is the primary race day.


How does it work?

Step 1 - Register

Register for an event of your choosing. You can register up to 1 month in advance of your race date. eg sign up on from the 1st July-31st July for the August games which are held on the 1st - 10th August. 


Step 2 - Complete

The first Sunday of each month will be the primary race day, but you can complete your challenge at any time in the first 10 days of the month. Tag your race with #virtualglobalgames and @VGlobalGames on social media to support other each other and find other local racers. 


Step 3 - Results

Upload your results through the results form. Results will be published after the 10 days are up. Results will be published by gender, age group and your country as your team name 


Step 4 - Medals

Receive your custom medal in the post! Each month there will be a different medal design series which represents another country from around the globe.