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Why Wooden Medals?

Wood is the only naturally available material that can be replenished. Using the Earth's resources, metal in particular, is only possible through a very energy intensive process. It is very difficult to recycle metal medals as they are usually made from a mix of different elements which are very difficult to separate or repurpose. We think metal should be saved for the production of things with greater utility. 

All our medals are made with FSC laser grade birch plywood - it is not the same as what you can buy in your local DIY store, it is a lot more specialist. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a global non-profit dedicated to responsible and sustainable management across the globe. This means the wood from our medals comes from sustainably managed forests which are not being depleted. A wooden medal will be naturally broken down over time.  

Our ribbons can be recycled and will very shortly be made from recycled fibres.